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Digital dictation Digital dictation

Product Code:
LFH 7274  

SpeechMike II Exec Pro 7274

Price: 349 EUR (VAT & shipment costs excl.)

SpeechMike II Pro

Experience simplicity

Combining a recording device and dictation software in one package, SpeechMike Exec Pro gives you total control of your PC from the palm of your hand and ensures the highest level of user comfort. Manage dictations, presentations and your PC using the ergonomically-designed push buttons. In addition to an optical trackball mouse and a scroll wheel, the device features programmable function keys, customizable to your individual preferences. With SpeechExec Pro, you can easily organize and manage your sound files, making document creation extremely simple. The dictation software guarantees that only you and authorized staff can access your files; and the job status information display lets you see exactly when a job is started or finished.


Key benefits - hardware

    • Push buttons
    • Dust-proof optical trackball and scroll wheel for precise navigation
    • Clearly visible LEDs indicate recording, inserting and overwriting mode

Key benefits - software

    • Easy-to-use dictation and transcription functionality for organizing recordings
    • Priority indexing allows authors to easily define urgent jobs
    • Spoken instructions improve communication with the transcriptionist

Package Content

    • SpeechMike Pro
    • Hanging Bracket
    • SpeechExec Pro Dictate Software
    • USB Software Dongle
    • Installation Guide

Available version of SpeechMike Exec Pro

SpeechMike Exec Pro 7274

with push buttons




Price: 349 EUR (VAT & shipment costs excl.)

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